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Benefits of a Well Maintained Lawn

Well Maintained LawnContrary to popular belief, a well maintained lawn isn’t just for looks. The Lawn Institute (, an organization founded in 1955, encourages research and education about lawns and sports turf and they have a pretty cool website that offers some fun facts.

For example, their current homepage boasts that the average front lawn has the cooling effect of 8.5 tons of air conditioning and that fifty-five square feet of turfgrass provides oxygen for one person for an entire day. Their Turfgrass Facts and Stats page offers up some impressive and often little known facts about lawns that include the following:

  • In a well maintained, thick 10,000 square foot (929 square meter) lawn there will be 6 turf plants per square inch (25.4 millimeters), 850 turf plants per square foot (30.45 square meters) for a total of 8.5 million turf plants.

  • Grass plants are 75 to 80% water, by weight.

  • Up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant is in its roots.

  • Clippings contain nutrients usable to the grass, when left on the lawn.

  • A lawn, 50 by 50 feet (15.24 by 15.24 meters) (2,500 square feet) (232 square meters) releases enough oxygen for a family of four, while absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, and peroxyacetyl nitrate.

  • A dense, healthy lawn prevents run-off, absorbing rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field and four times better than a hay field.

  • Turfgrass helps control pollution, trapping much of an estimated 12 million tons (10.9 million metric tons) of dust and dirt released annually into the US atmosphere.

  • The front lawns of eight average houses have the cooling effect of about 70 tons (68 metric tons) of air conditioning, while the average home-size central air has only a 3 to 4 ton capacity (2.7 to 3.9 metric tons).

  • As part of a well-designed and maintained landscape, turfgrass increases a home’s property value by 15 to 20 %.

  • Safety sightlines discourage intruders and heighten visibility.

  • Absorbs noise and reduces glare.

Mowing the lawnNeedless to say, the maintenance and care of your lawn is important not just to provide an aesthetically appealing front or backyard, but to ensure it continues to provide all of the benefits possible for you and your neighbors.

Hiring a professional to care for your lawn may be a smart investment for you if you’re too busy to do it yourself or you’re just not interested in maintaining it, but want to keep it looking great.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional lawn company is to save you time and money over the long term. A professional lawn company, like All Seasons Landcare, has experts to ensure every aspect of your lawn maintenance is addressed. From weeding and seeding to fertilizing and aeration, they know how and when to address any lawn care issue you may have.   They do this with top of the line lawn equipment so you don’t have to purchase and have the added cost of maintaining and operating mowers, weed eaters, edgers, blowers, and other equipment yourself.

Your lawn is an important investment as it adds value to your house and the environment surrounding it. So, maintaining it the best way possible will ensure your investment will provide benefits for years to come.  

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