Create a Cooler Landscape

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With summer just arriving, it’s not too late to create a cooler landscape. There are several ways to design a landscape which allows more shade and helps lower the temperature, so you can enjoy spending more time outdoors. To start, identify which areas get the most direct sun and heat throughout the day and the areas which are more stagnant with less air circulating. Many of these areas can be addressed cost effectively by using materials that provide more shade and allow air to flow freely.

Incorporating more trees, man-made structures, and updating walkways are three different ways to create cooler spaces.


Trees are, of course, the most obvious and natural choice for creating shade in a landscape. Trees with the thickest canopies are the best for cooling down the temperature and helping block harmful UV rays. Some of the best trees for shade in North Texas, according to, include:

  • Chinquapin oak
  • Bur oak
  • Cedar elm
  • Native pecan
  • Chinese pistachio

These trees can be planted to block the intense sun which may hit areas such as a deck or other space used for entertaining.

Man-Made Structures
If you’ve planted smaller trees and are waiting for them to grow, man-made structures, such as pergolas and gazebos can provide protection against direct sun and heat. Depending on the size, some of these structures can be built in about a week. Less permanent options include umbrellas and canopies. Or, incorporate an eclectic combination of all of these.

Constructing or placing these items in areas where you want to grill, relax, or entertain, will keep everyone cooler throughout the day. Also, placing outdoor fans or misting systems on any of these structures is an additional way to cool things down.

Walkways and Walls
Some people don’t consider walkways and walls when thinking about shade, but the materials used in these areas can affect the amount of heat reflected or absorbed. Darker colored materials absorb more heat than lighter ones. So, choose a light stone for walkways and white, neutral, or pastel colors for walls as a backdrop for the areas you will be utilizing to escape the heat.

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Natural Air Circulation
In the humidity of DFW, if air is circulating it is cooled more effectively. Fences that allow air to flow and circulate, naturally, in a garden setting, on a deck, or patio are the best. So, any current areas you may have were the air is stagnant may be caused by inefficient air flow around fences or other structures. Fences can be built to allow air to flow and still be secure. Materials used can be everything from wrought iron, vinyl, wood, and stone.

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