Late Summer Lawn Care Tips in DFW

Lawn Mower On Green Grass Mow

August is coming to a close and many lawns in DFW are struggling to stay healthy under the scorching Texas sun. The lush, green grass you may have seen in the middle of springtime, may have started showing signs of turning brown and drying out. However, there are some ways to ensure your grass stays green well into the fall months.

Mowing Properly
When we experience extreme heat in DFW, as we have recently, mowing your lawn may be the last thing that you want to do or pay someone else to do. However, it’s exactly during those times that it’s important to keep your lawn mowed on a regular basis. Keep in mind though, that how you mow is just as important as how frequently you mow. Keep the grass a little longer in length during the summer heat than you may have in other seasons. Leaving it too short can dry out the soil and burn the roots.

Lawn Water Sprinkler Spraying

Summertime calls for more frequent and longer periods of watering to ensure good hydration. Early morning watering is best and some more, light watering in the evening is okay if drought conditions are present. However, too much watering at night can encourage fungus growth. Avoid watering in the afternoon when the sun is the hottest as the water will just evaporate quickly. For more watering tips, check out our blogs about watering apps and saving money while keeping your lawn watered.

Seeding and Fertilizing
Reseed your lawn as needed to promote new growth and keep out weeds, then follow up with fertilizing to make sure your lawn has the nutrients needed to begin and maintain growth. Fertilizer helps your grass create a deeper roots system so it can survive more extreme weather conditions. This will ensure your lawn stays green longer, but the correct fertilizer for your type of grass is required for optimum results.

If a lush, green lawn is important to you throughout the year, but the idea of doing it yourself doesn’t sound appealing, All Seasons Landcare has the professionals who take pride in addressing all of your lawn care needs. The All Seasons Landcare team has been helping people with lawn care throughout the DFW area for years. From lawn maintenance in Fort Worth to tree trimming in Keller and landscape design in Southlake, All Seasons Landcare has many highly satisfied customers who enjoy the high quality of service that All Seasons provides. Give us a call today!


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