Outdoor Fireplaces in Dallas Fort Worth

Outdoor Fireplace

There are many different options for installing an outdoor fireplace. Some homeowners opt for purchasing a portable fireplace, or fire pit, and simply placing it anywhere it can be utilized safely. However, depending on the size and style of the fireplace you may want, one can be custom built and integrated into your existing landscape for less than what you may spend for a high-quality portable one.

A custom, outdoor fireplace can become the central area for entertaining in any sized yard. For smaller areas, a fireplace built on a smaller scale can offer just as much heat as a larger one. Smaller fireplaces are also easier to clean and maintain. For backyards with more space, a fireplace as the focal point can bring family and friends together in one place.

Large or small, the materials used to build the fireplace will determine not only it’s visual appeal in your overall landscape, but the maintenance needed to ensure its continued use for years to come. Stone construction has been the most popular material used in fireplace construction in Dallas and Fort Worth in recent years. However, steel, marble, stucco, brick, and tile are some other great choices.

Some outdoor fireplaces are specifically built with outdoor cooking in mind while others aren’t used for anything other than providing heat, so it’s important to have a skilled, knowledgeable contractor who clearly understands what you are looking for from the initial design to the final product. This will ensure your fireplace is built to local codes and meets your full expectations.

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If the area you are in has restrictions on a more traditional fireplace or fire pit, keep in mind that wood and gas logs are not the only options to create an inviting atmosphere. Other ideas for a warm glow include candles, river rocks with gel fuel, and electric fireplaces if they have adequate cover.

No matter what design and material you decide to use, safety is key in utilizing a backyard fireplace properly. Plants and trees with oversized leaves or extended branches should not be located near the fire source nor should flammable fences or other backyard items such as playground equipment. However, an adequate water supply should be as close to the fireplace as possible. In addition, screens and gates should be utilized to ensure pets and small children are restricted from access to any flames.

Companies who install outdoor fireplaces in DFW are not all the same. Not all companies care about the safety, or long-term enjoyment, you should have with a custom-built fireplace. All Seasons Landcare has decades of experience in designing fireplaces and firepits in DFW, for any backyard landscape, with many happy customers. February is the perfect time of year to install one. Depending on the design you choose, you can start enjoying your fireplace in under one week. Contact us today!


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